Cara Jones is an independent fashion designer and blogger from St. Louis, Missouri. She enjoys dark styles, biking the trails, and a really good horror movie.

Ben Mangelsdorf is a writer living in Boulder, Colorado. He enjoys horror films, writing poetry, and the Beach Boys.

Krystle Ratticus is a writer, illustrator, and no-budget film editor. Also involved in independent publishing and performing spoken for over 20 years.

Conner McAleese is a current PhD student at the University of Dundee studying 'spaces' in contemporary horror. His debut novel, The Goose Mistress, was published in 2018 by Dark Ink Press and details Eva Braun's experience of World War Two. McAleese now considers himself a horror writer and has had his short stories published in Blood Rites Magazine and Haunting Voices among others. He looks to the 'disturbing' for inspiration, hoping to academically push back the last taboos in literature to analyse what they represent for today's cultural fears and anxieties. However, he hopes to balance this with a satisfying and long career in horror writing. He currently lives in Dundee and is working on his first horror novel.

Cody Meirick is a web producer, writer, and filmmaker. He produced and directed the 2019 documentary Scary Stories.

Jasper Vrancken is a filmmaker, teacher and researcher, specializing in the horror genre. He teaches film and video production at the Luca School of Arts in Belgium, and is currently pursuing a PhD in the Arts. You can catch his work on his Vimeo page.