Amanda the Adventurer game

The new horror game Amanda the Adventurer, with a limited-time discount, has been released on Steam by game developer DreadXP. Developed by MANGLEDmaw Games, the game is set in the found footage style of horror, harkening back to the era of television edutainment, albeit with a sinister twist.

Players take on the role of Riley Park, who has inherited their Aunt Kate’s house following her death. As Riley searches through the attic, they stumble upon multiple VHS tapes featuring “Amanda the Adventurer,” an edutainment-style show from the 90s featuring two best buddies, Amanda and Wooly.

Initially appearing innocent, Riley soon realizes that something more sinister is at play as they continue to watch the tapes. The characters of Amanda and Wooly appear to be communicating directly through the television, and the more Riley watches, the more disturbing the videos become. It quickly becomes apparent that Amanda needs something, and upsetting her would not be wise.

To uncover the truth, players must think outside the box, locating secret VHS tapes and unlocking new narrative paths that lead to different endings. The game’s unique found footage style and nostalgic 90s CGI graphics make it a memorable and immersive experience for horror game fans.

Overall, the Amanda the Adventurer game offers a unique take on the horror genre, with a blend of edutainment and horror elements that are both creepy and weirdly… informative? And there is currently a limited-time discount, so get going. Here is the gameplay trailer.

Last Updated on April 25, 2023.

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