So I decided with Halloween just around the corner I would hand pick out my personal favorite or what I think are the best Halloween candies… they have brought me many a toothache and so many sugar filled nights of hysteria.

So take out your Halloween candy bucket and get ready for my personal Top 10 Best Halloween Candies.

Top 10 Best Halloween Candy

10 – Creepy Peepers

I remember getting these a while back and thinking they were real eyes, although for me, as much as I liked chocolate… they made me sick but nonetheless it’s a great candy. Every candy bowl needs edible eyes!

best halloween candy, creepy peepers

9 – Licorice

Whether it is red or black licorice, it’s always a treat too much down on some licorice… even as a young adult, I find myself eating about 5 or 6 strands of this stuff only to be hit by a bad stomachache. Too much sugar.

8 – Mr. Goodbar

I used to love these candy bars more than anything else in the whole candy bag. Chocolate and peanuts wrapped up in plastic and then stamped with a name that tells you just how amazing this treat is.

7 – Starburst

Who doesn’t like Starburst? They are multi colored and they come out in Halloween packaging. Like taffy, they are chewy and yet so mouthwatering and delicious. Their fruity flavor just accents what Halloween is all about.

6 – Smarties

I have been addicted to this candy for years; it’s pure colored sugar discs and they are wrapped up in coasters. In fact, every body has Smarties as part of their Halloween candy bowl and their bitter sweet flavor reassures us it’s Halloween.

5 – Spooky Nerds

C’mon, we all love Nerds so why not make them spookier? These nerds are orange, white and black colored and they still have their signature taste. And who can resist looking at such cute looking Nerds in costume on the box?

best halloween candy, spooky nerds

4 – Gummy Body Parts

I saw this last night at a Target and I was utterly surprised that they actually have this kind of candy. What a great Halloween treat, edible body parts… kind of gross, but so is Halloween. I tried one in the store and it wasn’t bad.

best halloween candy, gummy body parts

3 – Snickers

As I mentioned, Mr. Goodbar was always my favorite candy bar but now, I switched gears and now I love Snickers bars more than anything. Rather then buying them as one giant bar you can get them in ‘fun size,’ which is perfect for me.

2 – M&M’s

Here is a candy that loves Halloween; their commerical’s parody such Halloween classics like Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Munsters and Dracula. They come in Halloween colors and they sometimes have little bats and sculls painted on them. They even come in dark chocolate for those who want to be a bit more gothic.

1 – Candy Corn

No Halloween candy has been synonymous with Halloween then Candy Corn. That ultra sweet, orange, yellow and white sugar tooth shaped candy has always been a crowd favorite and it’s probably one of the best symbols of Halloween itself. In fact, nowadays, you can literally find bags of this candy and people chow down on them like it was that last thing on Earth… that’s how amazing this candy really is.

best halloween candy, candy corn

Honorable Mentions

  • Reese’s Cups
  • Gummy Spiders
  • Butterfingers
  • Rockets

Well, there you have it… my personal favorite Halloween candy. Each piece of sugar filled greatness has a memory attached to it and they have been the highlight of each Halloween night. Although, they have given me sugar headaches and I had to pay for it in the morning, I’ll always loved them.

Main Photo by Sebbi Strauch on Unsplash

Last Updated on December 15, 2022.

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