A fresh trailer for the horror movie The Boogeyman has been released, showcasing a terrifying tale based on one of Stephen King’s first stories.

Originally intended for release on the Hulu streaming service, The Boogeyman exceeded expectations at a test screening and earned a theatrical release. Directed by Rob Savage, known for Host and Dashcam, the film tells the story of two sisters, one 16 years old and the other younger, who are haunted by a supernatural entity known as the Boogeyman. The sisters’ father, a psychologist, invites a troubled patient into their home, setting off a series of events that leads to the Boogeyman targeting them.

The script was written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, with rewrites by Akela Cooper and Mark Heyman, resulting in a “terrific screenplay” according to author Stephen King, though some online have commented on its delineation from the source material. The Boogeyman movie is based on Stephen King’s The Boogeyman story (one of his earliest works).

The cast includes Chris Messina, Sophie Thatcher, Marin Ireland, Vivien Lyra Blair, Madison Hu, and David Dastmalchian. Produced by Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen of 21 Laps Entertainment, and executive produced by Beck, Woods, and Emily Morris, The Boogeyman movie has been rated PG-13 for terror, violent content, teen drug use, and strong language.

the boogeyman movie poster

Last Updated on April 17, 2023.

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