In the landscape of all thing’s horror, Clive Barker sits on top of the pile.

Over the years, this horror legend has amassed a large and varied repertoire of horrific, evil, and reprehensible creations that delight hardcore horror fans to this day. In contrast with the dark, gritty, and doom-laden undertones of Barker’s work, even modern horror masters like Stephen King might come across as a bit soft.

Barker’s repertoire contains a varied set of memorable, colorful characters. Among these, it is the Clive Barker monsters that many fans worship the most. Here is a look at some of the most terrifying Clive Barker monsters that you can give you nightmares for days.


Easily one of the creepiest Barker creations, the entire premise of Midnight Meat Train is a recipe for fear and doom.

Here, the large network of subway tunnels under New York City serves as the staging ground for the exploits of one of Barker’s most terrifying monsters, Mahogany the serial killer. With a deranged, chilling look on his face and his trademark hammer and butcher’s hook, it might seem that Mahogany kills people on the relatively empty and already creepy midnight subway train just to satiate a sadistic urge.

Clive Barker's Mahogany

However, as the story progresses, deeper motives come to surface. Eventually, readers find out about a race of monster lizards that populate the subterranean regions of New York, truly in control of the city and its elements. Mahogany is in service to these monsters and must kill to supply food for them. These scary happenings, along with the stony face and tools of a killer who stops at nothing, are truly ingredients for a great Clive Barker monster.


Wick is what you get when a creator like Barker, obsessed with the concept of Hell, decides to put his own spin on God. Yes, Wick is literally THE God as outlined in Christian canon, with a sadistic, horrific Barker twist. Wick manifests as a swirling rainbow of violent colors and is cruel, violent, and laden with every sin known to man.


In Barker’s The Next Testament, Wick or the Lord of Colors is God Almighty who wakes after an eternity of imprisonment and comes to look at how the modern world, the endgame of his creation, is shaping up. Disappointed and disillusioned at the failure of mankind to live up to its potential, Wick unleashes hell on earth, killing and slaughtering people while imbibing in all the depraved, horrific sins he can find.

This twisted, sadistic take on God certainly qualifies to be one of the most spine-chilling Clive Barker monsters.


Many horror fans are familiar with the legend of Bloody Mary as it lives on in folklore. Mary is a phantom, a spirit who appears inside a mirror when someone chants her name repeatedly. Barker’s chilling takes on this legend is the Candyman, a man made of bees with a hook hand who wears a candy-colored coat and loves to tear people into pieces. In Clive Barker’s “The Forbidden,” the Candyman comes to life as an unsettling reality, something that can put fear into the hearts of anyone looking into a mirror.

Clive Barker monsters, Candyman

While the movie adaptation features a different take on the character, it is still an apt representation of this monstrous being that adds to the many myths and legends connecting mirrors and evil. From JC Bratton to Lady Gaga, many important creators have referenced or adapted the legend but Barker makes it count, creating a monster that makes a lasting impression.


Arguably the most well-known among all Clive Barker monsters, the image of Pinhead in all his glory, with his chilling blank stare and the most rudimentary of sadistic smiles in place, is familiar to most horror aficionados.


With pale white skin, red gridlines on his face, and numerous pins sticking out of his body, the movie depiction of this famous monster from “The Hellbound Heart” (featured in Clive Barker’s Books of Blood 1-3) is what cemented his place among the truly timeless horror monsters the world has ever seen.

Pinhead, a priest of Hell who takes great pleasure in inflicting pain and torture, found a prominent place in the Hellraiser series of movies. His chief pleasure is to drag people to Hell, where they can enjoy the most grievous torture and pain under his supervision. He revels in his responsibilities and even takes pleasure in the anticipation of showing someone new the ropes of Hell. His revolting appearance, the mystery surrounding his origin and motives, and his deadpan countenance contribute further to the absolute horror he can inspire.

The most popular of all Clive Barker monsters is also one of this scariest.

Summing Up Clive Barker’s Monsters

While this is only scratching the surface of the large and varied world of Clive Barker monsters, this can serve as a great appetizer to horror fans getting newly initiated into the Barker repertoire. These monsters are truly representative of the heights of the Barker brand of horror genius.


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