cosmic horror art
Art by Tim White

Cosmic horror speaks to the unknowable… the depths of despair and terror that can only come from the far reaches of the universe. It has become synonymous with Lovecraftian horror, but it also speaks to so much more than that. When it comes to cosmic horror art, there is something weird and surreal and beautiful about creatures and horrors from unfathomable dimensions. It sparks the imagination unlike any other horror art.

So before you sit down to read some cosmic horror while sipping on Lovecraftian coffee of some sort, you might want to hang some beautiful art on the wall to inspire a little cosmic awe-inspiring menace.

Classic Cosmic Horror Art by Paul Lehr

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Art by Paul Lehr

Artist Paul Lehr stood out as an amazing book cover artist of the 1960s and 1970s, particularly the kind of science fiction that was popular then (and still is). His abstract style has been an inspiration for many artists. It is all very science fiction, but plenty of them delve into the beautiful horrors of distant lands.

Find more cover art of his with the Paul Lehr tag on Etsy.

New Cosmic Artwork by René Aigner

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Art by René Aigner

Here is an amazing digital artist who works with light and science fiction worlds to depict some truly amazing things. No doubt that means coming up with some majestic creature designs that align well with the term cosmic horror.

Find more on his Deviant Art page or Artstation page.

Classic Cosmic Horror Art by Tim White

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Art by Tim White

Classic artist Tim White made his mark in the genre of cosmic horror by painting a large selection of beautiful book covers, magazine covers, and other works roughly spanning 1974 to 2000. He is known for providing cover art for such writers as Frank Herbert, Robert A. Heinlein, and not surprisingly H. P. Lovecraft.

You can find the book The Science Fiction And Fantasy World Of Tim White on Amazon. He passed away in April of 2020.


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New Horror Art by Ray VanTilburg

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Art by Ray VanTilburg

Ray VanTilburg is an artist who has made lots of fun horror art, while also putting a lot of it on his own t-shirts. It looks like he has recently retired from the t-shirt business, but you can still find a lot there and on his Etsy page.

Find more on his Etsy page.

Horror Artwork by Raulo Caceres

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Art by Raulo Caceres

Raulo Cáceres is a Spanish comic book artist most associated with Avatar Press. His work in such comics as Code Pru and others lend themselves to great horror art fun.

Find more on his website.

Last Updated on March 24, 2021.

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