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The fear of a deadline in college creates a certain dread that many are familiar with. Which seems like a great premise for a horror movie. Cram, a new movie from Terror Films, just introduced a trailer that gets at the heart of this idea.

From writer-director Abie Sidell and starring John Dimino, Brandon E.Burton, Rolando Chushan, and Carolina Đỗ, Cram includes a character named Marc who needs to get a lot done for an assignment, all in one night in the library. But after all of his work is erased, it seems clear that there is something else in the library that has sinister plans.

Here is the trailer for Cram.

The synopsis of Cram:

We all do what we gotta do to pass – except Marc. Desperate to finish his final paper, he struggles to cram all night in the library. After dozing off, Marc awakens to discover that his paper has vanished! Looking for answers and a way out of this nightmare, Marc is drawn deeper into the mysterious and enchanting stacks. Alone in the library (or so he thinks), Marc is easily frightened and considers giving up. But the library has other plans for him….

The movie Cram comes to VOD on March 17, 2023 from Terror Films.

Cram horror movie

Last Updated on February 17, 2023.

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