The Dry Bones ritual is a creepy ritual game that has gained popularity in recent years.

It is one of the more “intense” versions of various ritual games similar to such games as Sara Sarita, the Elevator Game, and others.

What is the Dry Bones Ritual

So you might be asking yourself, what is The Dry Bones ritual? It is believed to be an ancient pagan ritual that was performed in the Black Forest region of Germany. The game involves summoning a spirit or demon that can grant wishes, but it is also said to be dangerous and potentially deadly. In this article, we will describe the instructions for how to perform the Dry Bones ritual, as well as the potential risks and dangers involved.

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How to Play the Dry Bones Ritual: Rules and Experiences

Materials Needed

  • A large, open space such as a forest or clearing
  • A sharp object such as a knife or razor blade
  • A small, animal bone or other small object that can be carved
  • A piece of red cloth or ribbon
  • A lighter or matches
  • Salt

Step 1: Choose a location

The Dry Bones ritual must be performed in a large, open space such as a forest or clearing. It should be far from any human habitation, as the ritual can be dangerous and disruptive.

dry bones ritual location

Step 2: Preparation

Take the small animal bone or other small object and carve your wish onto it using the sharp object. The wish should be something that is achievable and realistic, but also important to you. It could be anything from a romantic partner to financial success.

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Step 3: Summoning

Place the red cloth or ribbon on the ground in front of you. Stand in the center of the cloth and sprinkle a circle of salt around it. Light a fire in the center of the circle and place the bone or small object in the fire.

Step 4: Chanting

As the bone burns, chant the following words: “Dry bones, dry bones, hear my cry. Grant me my wish before I die.” Repeat this chant continuously until the bone has burned to ash.

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Step 5: Offering

Once the bone has burned to ash, sprinkle a small amount of salt over the ashes. Then, using the sharp object, cut a small wound on your finger and let a drop of blood fall onto the ashes.

Step 6: Summoning the spirit

As you sprinkle the salt and blood over the ashes, chant the following words: “I summon thee, O spirit of the Dry Bones. Come to me and grant my wish.” Continue chanting until you feel a presence or see a figure appear in the flames.

dry bones ritual

Step 7: Making the wish

Once the spirit has appeared, you may ask for your wish to be granted. Be specific and clear in your request, and remember that the spirit may not grant your wish exactly as you want it.

Step 8: Ending the ritual

Once you have made your request, thank the spirit and offer it a small gift, such as food or alcohol. Then, sprinkle salt over the ashes and extinguish the fire. Leave the area and do not look back.

Dry Bones Ritual Warnings

The Dry Bones ritual is said to be dangerous and potentially deadly. Some people believe that it can lead to possession or even death. Others report experiencing strange and terrifying phenomena, such as hallucinations or unexplained sounds.

There are also physical risks involved in the ritual, such as injury from the sharp object or from the fire. It is important to take precautions and to perform the ritual with caution.

In addition to the physical risks, the Dry Bones ritual can also have psychological effects on participants. The fear and uncertainty of the ritual can trigger anxiety or panic attacks, and some participants may experience nightmares or other sleep disturbances after performing the ritual.

Photo by James Kovin on Unsplash

Last Updated on April 12, 2023.

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