Of all the characters from creepypasta, Eyeless Jack is one of the most widespread and well-known. From Slenderman to Jeff the Killer to Mr. Widemouth to Kagekao, there are plenty of creepy characters invading our internet storytelling. And Eyeless Jack is one of the creepy ones alright. So what is the origin of the Eyeless Jack creepypasta, what are some stories of Eyeless Jack, what fanart of the character has begun to captivate and inspire the dark avenues of the internet… here we break it down! And for those seeking some Halloween or cosplay fun, we dive into some Eyeless Jack costume and mask ideas. So here we go…

Origin of the Eyeless Jack Creepypasta

Eyeless Jack is depicted as a humanoid creature with unnaturally pale skin, lacking eyes and eyelids. His empty eye sockets are accompanied by dark, bleeding hollows that evoke a sense of fear and repulsion. The character often wears a black hoodie, concealing his emaciated body. One notable feature of Eyeless Jack, at least in some depictions, is his surgical mask, which he wears to cover his mouth, leaving only his long, sharp teeth exposed.

The exact origin of the Eyeless Jack creepypasta remains uncertain, as is the case with most creepypasta stories and characters. However, the earliest known mention of Eyeless Jack can be traced back to 2010 on the Creepypasta Wiki, where a user named Azelf5000 posted a story titled “Eyeless Jack.” The character quickly gained attention and became a favorite among the creepypasta community.

Eyeless Jack Stories

“Eyeless Jack”

In the original story, Eyeless Jack is described as a supernatural entity that preys on individuals while they sleep. He possesses the ability to enter homes unnoticed and surgically removes his victims’ kidneys, leaving behind a signature calling card: a large smiley face carved into the victim’s chest. The protagonist of the story, a young man named Mitch, finds himself targeted by Eyeless Jack after encountering him in an alleyway. The narrative follows Mitch’s terrifying experiences as he tries to escape the clutches of this malevolent creature.

“Sleeping Pills”

In this Eyeless Jack story, a barista returns home and goes to bed after a tiring day. They experience sleep paralysis and find themselves trapped in a vivid dream where a masked figure enters their room and performs a disturbing procedure on their side. When they wake up, they discover their door was unlocked and a bloody incision on their stomach, implying that Eyeless Jack had invaded their apartment and left a horrifying mark while they were asleep. Of all the Eyeless Jack stories, this is one of the creepier ones. Here is the story.


In this chilling Eyeless Jack story, the protagonist, Melissa, discovers a horrifying secret when she ventures into her basement. The room is filled with horror movie memorabilia, but her attention is immediately captured by a figure chained to the wall. Fear grips her as she realizes that her beloved uncle, whom she trusted, has been keeping a person captive. Overwhelmed by the shocking revelation, Melissa approaches the captive, named Jack, hoping to offer help and free him from his restraints. Read more to see what happens.
Here is the story.

“How Eyeless Jack Came to Be”

In a city plagued by a mysterious Kidney Thief, Jack’s father, a police officer, is determined to catch the criminal. Meanwhile, Jack reminisces about his deceased mother and decides to take a relaxing bath. As he enjoys his solitude, strange sounds and murmurs unsettle him. Despite dismissing his anxiety, Jack starts to hear his name being called. Guess what happens next…
Here is the story.

“Stolen Heart”

Of the Eyeless Jack stories, this one follows a young woman who finds herself in a terrifying encounter with a mysterious man… yes, named Jack. It is similar to a number of the others. As the woman’s father, a detective, investigates a series of kidney thefts in their city (sound familiar?), she decides to indulge in a relaxing bath. However, her peaceful moment turns into a nightmare when Jack appears in her room claiming to be her lover. How does she deal with it? Find out…
Here is the story.

Eyeless Jack Fanart

Eyeless Jack – Creepypasta – Fanart by SecondaryColorentimy

eyeless jack fanart

|Eyeless Jack Fanart| You’re looking in the dark by 0ktavian

eyeless jack fanart

Eyeless Jack by hauntedbyhope


Fanart by Alchadeaz

Eyeless Jack Costumes and Masks

There are a variety of costumes and masks available for Eyeless Jack, allowing fans to embody the eerie and haunting character. These costumes often feature a black hoodie or jacket paired with black pants, reflecting the creepypasta Eyeless Jack’s signature dark and sinister aesthetic. The masks are designed to replicate the bone-chilling appearance of Eyeless Jack, with hollow eye sockets and black liquid dripping from them, creating a truly terrifying effect. Here are a few options.

Eyeless Jack Kids Urban Legends Morphsuit

eyeless jack costume
Eyeless Jack Kids Urban Legends Morphsuit is the latest addition to the Creepy Pasta urban legends lineup. This costume is designed to give you a truly terrifying look, featuring the iconic Eyeless Jack character with a chilling eyeless face. Perfect for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating, this costume is guaranteed to scare your friends and make a lasting impression.

Eyeless Jack Mask Cosplay Scary Killer Resin Mask

eyeless jack mask
The Eyeless Jack Mask Cosplay Scary Killer Resin Replica Mask is a bone-chilling replica inspired by the original version of Jack Nichols. This mask is designed to evoke a sense of horror, with black liquid dripping from the eye sockets, adding a truly eerie and creepypasta-like appearance. Made from high-quality resin, this mask is perfect for cosplay and Halloween,

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