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The team at DreadXP has been crafting an interesting new wizard simulator, mixed with a dash of horror and a lot of old school fun, that is destined to become something that gamers need to check out. Collaborating with Torple Dook, they just unveiled a retro creation known as the game Hand of Doom. And it is available starting today.

Embarking on a dark adventure, players will assume the role of an apprentice wizard on a pivotal quest to acquire greater mastery of the arcane arts. However, as is often the case, the path to power is riddled with unforeseen challenges and treacherous encounters, immersing gamers in a sinister realm teeming with malevolent sorcery and formidable adversaries. And it truly looks like an adventure that is right out of the 1980s, reminiscent of Doom and Wolfenstein.

The Hand of Doom game promises unsettling environments, dark intrigue, and a metal-inspired soundtrack, enhancing the immersive experience and heightening the sense of impending doom that lurks around every corner.

Dive into the trailer below.

The game is currently available on Steam PC, ensuring accessibility to all who yearn to embark on this extraordinary journey. Stay connected with DreadXP to remain informed about the latest updates on the game.

Last Updated on May 16, 2023.

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