Haunted Memories game Haunted Memories the Return

MegaPixel Studio and Mechano Games have unveiled their upcoming game Haunted Memories: The Return. This psychological horror game is currently under development and is set to be released on Steam soon.

The premise of the game Haunted Memories: The Return revolves around a mysterious and enigmatic story. As the protagonist, you awaken in a chilling and damp environment, accompanied by relentless rain and wind. The surrounding thick fog seems to grow even more impenetrable with each passing moment. Your attention is drawn to a prominent wooden sign displaying the words “WELCOME TO GREEN PARK.” Curiosity leads you to enter a nearby house, but your brief respite quickly turns into a haunting ordeal as you realize you are trapped inside with an unknown presence observing your every move.

To unravel the secrets of Green Park and find a way to escape, you must gather various items such as files, voice recordings, videotapes, and photographs. Additionally, the UV light filter will prove crucial in revealing hidden information that remains invisible to the naked eye. However, the enigmatic force dwelling within Green Park will fiercely guard its secrets, scattering clues throughout the environment.

It is up to you to meticulously piece together these clues, as your decisions will shape the future appearance of the game world. View the gameplay trailer for the game Haunted Memories: The Return below.

Last Updated on May 30, 2023.

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