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Occult clothing is often searched for, but it isn’t something often advertised in just any clothing store. For those looking, they have to really search it out. But for those who do want occult clothing, they want it because it speaks to them and their particular style.

After writing a lot about goth clothes of different kinds, it seemed necessary to dive into specifically occult clothing, which is related but not exactly the same.

What is Occult Clothing?

Occult clothing is any outfit that features occult symbols or has a theme related to the occult or magic. They can be worn by anyone who is interested in learning more about the occult, but it is also a great way to express yourself and show your interests.

Some people might do it to express their spiritual beliefs or to show their interest in the occult. Others might do it as a form of self-expression or as a way to be part of a certain subculture or community. It’s also possible that some people might wear occult symbols simply because they find them aesthetically pleasing or because they like the way they look. It’s important to remember that not everyone who wears occult symbols is necessarily a practitioner of the occult or has any specific spiritual beliefs.

Occult fashion can be found all over the internet, with many shops such as ones found on Etsy selling it on their sites. You can even find occult clothing on Amazon!

Occult clothing is a type of fashion that pairs interest in the occult with fashionable clothes. Most clothing brands dealing with the occult have a general theme and use symbols like pentagrams, skulls, and crossbones and other symbols associated with magic or the occult.

They are often inspired by horror movies and can be seen as a subculture of gothic clothing and fashion.

Occult clothing is also known as dark fashion, gothic fashion, witchwear or witch style. The term “occult” refers to hidden or secret knowledge, so it’s no surprise that these styles have become popular in recent years as celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna embrace them enthusiastically. Some of the most popular occult brands include Black Madonnas Clothing Co., Death Valley Girls and Jekyll & Hyde Vintage Clothing Co.

The occult branch of knowledge includes magic, astrology, divination and other things that are not considered part of mainstream science or religion. The occult has long been associated with evil acts, such as witchcraft in medieval Europe; however, most people who study it today do so because they believe there is more to reality than what we see with our eyes — they want to understand the universe beyond what science tells us.

Some people believe that if you wear certain items of clothing or accessories (such as pentagrams), you will become closer to God or possess magical powers when you wear them. Others use this clothing as an expression of their inner desires — for instance, if they feel like being rebellious or rebelliousness turns them on sexually.

Occult Clothing Brands and Stores

The occult clothing industry is a growing one, with many brands focusing on creating clothes that reflect their customers’ interests in the occult.

Baphomet Occult Clothing

Baphomet clothes
It doesn’t get much more occult than Baphomet himself. So a clothing line in his name… sounds about right. As it is described on their About Us page, it isn’t just about fashion. Wearing clothes like these is about a statement that must be made.
Link »


Why are Spencer’s Gifts a good option for goth and punk lifestyles as well as other alternative name brands? Because they are available in just about every mall in America and elsewhere, and they have a large selection. Occult symbols and symbology is certainly part of that style. Their products are designed with the needs of their customers in mind. They are always looking to improve and innovate their products to meet the demands of the customers. The company has been in business for over 25 years and is based in San Diego, CA and has a strong following in the United States and around the world. They may not always be the “hip” option, but they still are dependable for goth, punk, and occult clothing of all types.
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Blackcraft Cult Clothing

Blackcraft Cult

Unholy Blackcraft Cult mesh pull-over top

Blackcraft Cult Clothing is an occult and goth brand founded in 2012 in California. Their mantra involves morality outside organized religion, which is a common anti-establishment element of many goth brands and their mission statements.

They also include a good number of pet and kids clothes options. So if you’re going for the occult look with the whole family, Blackcraft could work for you.
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Night Channels Clothing

Night Channels cult clothes
Night Channels has a solid collection of cult clothes. It’s the first thing in their navigation, with categories under Satanic, Existential, Paranormal, and more. They also have a good selection of shirts and clothes dedicated to a lot of your favorite horror, science fiction, anime, and alternative music. There is a lot there.
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Danger Stranger Art

occult clothing shirt
With rave reviews, this occult clothing Etsy store sells a great collection of occult t-shirts, tank tops, pins, and prints. As one reviewer said, “High quality and amazing! Great seller and fast shipping.”
Link »

CryptoStylis Occult Clothing

occult shirt

Feral Sacrament tank top from Cryptostylis

Here is another solid Etsy seller, offering stylish shirts, pins, and prints featuring occult symbols and figures.
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Say 10 Crafts

baphomet occult shirt

Baphomet shirt from Say 10 Crafts

Say 10 Crafts specializes in dark, occult and horror shirts and fashion. Designs are inspired by occult philosophy and Bophomet imagery. They include shirts and hoodies, as well as jewelry and watches, wallets, and other accessories.
Link »

Darkside Clothing

Baphomet occult t-shirt

Baphomet t-shirt from Darkside Clothing

Darkside Clothing offers a lot of occult shirts, hoodies, hats, shoes, and a host of other designs that appeal to those looking for occult clothing and accessories that soothe their dark hearts.
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Tragic Beautiful

tragic beautiful

Tragic Beautiful has been around since 2006. It is an Australian-based online store that carries a massive amount of goth and occult clothing and accessories.

They are supported by many major brands such as Killstar, Punk Rave and Razor Blade jewelry.
Website »

Dark in Closet

Dark in Closet goth store

Dark in Closet is a UK-based alternative clothing store with items under major categories such as goth, medieval, victorian, and steampunk. They also have sections for goth brands such as Punk Rave and others.

They stock t-shirts, shoes, dresses, skirts, jackets and goth pants from famous alternative brands including Demonia, Hell Bunny and Vivianna Does Vintage which have the perfect styles for all alternative fans.
Website »

Occult Outfit Ideas

Maxi Spell Skirt and Magic Crop Top Shirt

cult skirt and crop top shirt

Maxi Spell Skirt »
Magik Spell Crop Top »

Pentagram Crop Top with High Waisted Pants (Hexagram Zippers)

occult crop top and pants

Crop top »
Pentagram pants »

Trust in God Hoodie from Spencer’s

occult hoodie from Spencers

Have a sense of humor! Spencer’s features a lot of funny, dark shirts and apparel from official Steven Rhodes designs. Here is just one of many, found in hoodies and t-shirts, that highlight the occult lifestyle while having a little fun while you’re doing it.
Hoodie »

Feral Sacrament Sweatshirt and Baphomet Joggers

occult clothing and brands

Hoodie sweatshirt »
Baphomet pants »

Serpentium Gothic Occult Tank Top

tank top

Tank top »

Sacrifice Black and Red Occult Skater Dress

occult dress

Dress »

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