paws movie

Director Lukas Rinker has announced his latest horror movie Paws following the success of his recent release, Holy Shit!

The movie, produced by Neopol Film and The Playmaker, will feature animatronic bears and will tackle themes of climate change and environmental exploitation.

The plot of Paws follows a crew on a research ship in the Arctic, funded by a reformed oil billionaire, who uncover a monstrous polar bear mother and cub on an abandoned Russian ghost-ship. As they try to survive the bear’s attack, they also face threats from the oil tycoon and Russian mercenaries interested in the oil.

Rinker expands on his movie Paws: “Being trapped on an ice-field with no help in sight, freezing temperatures and a looming hungry monster – seemed very horrifying to me. And from the bears’ perspective, having your habitat exploited and melted away, with nothing you can do against those greedy intruders, is horrific. Then there’s the climate angle. Horror all around!”

The upcoming horror movie Paws will be pitched at the Frontières market. Loredana Rehekampff and Andreas Schmied will co-produce the film for Austria’s Samsara Filmproduction.

paws movie

Last Updated on April 6, 2023.

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