A Cat in the Brain (1990)


The movie A Cat in the Brain (1990) is a psychological horror film about a director who starts losing his grip on reality and imagining himself committing depraved murders.

Horror director Lucio Fulci plays himself, a filmmaker being driven insane by the violent movies he makes. He starts having visions of himself carrying out brutal crimes against random women.

The movie A Cat in the Brain (1990) blurs fantasy and reality as Lucio’s psychiatrist assumes he is actually a killer based on his deranged thoughts. Lucio goes completely insane, going on a murder spree targeting young women and others around him.

In the graphic climax, the police finally shoot the rampaging Lucio. As he dies, he imagines himself in hell for his crimes. But the ending reveals his killing spree may have just been in his mind.


  • Lucio Fulci as Himself
  • David L. Thompson as Dr. Egon Swharz
  • Malisa Longo as The Hooker
  • Ria De Simone as Laura
  • Sacha Darwin as Bob


The film incorporated graphic footage from several of Fulci’s previous movies.

Fulci also co-wrote and edited the film.

It was billed as a documentary in Italy to avoid censorship.


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