A Night to Dismember (1983)


The movie A Night to Dismember (1983) depicts the deadly rampage of an axe-wielding murderer who escapes from a mental asylum.

In the small town of Newton Falls, a young woman murders her family with an axe before being committed to a psychiatric hospital. Years later, she escapes and returns home, where more axe murders start occurring.

The movie A Night to Dismember (1983) follows a group of teens whose car breaks down outside Newton Falls. While looking for help, they encounter the ominous axe killer who begins hunting them down one by one.

As the body count rises, the few remaining survivors including Tim and Mary struggle to find a means of escape or defense against the seemingly unstoppable maniac.

In the climax, Mary finally shoots the murderer, revealed to be the escaped asylum patient, ending her savage killing spree. But the legacy of terror remains in Newton Falls.


  • Samantha Fox as Mary
  • Kent Bateman as Tim
  • William Tittsworth as Sheriff
  • Diane Cummins as Vickie
  • William Biach as Larry


The super-low budget movie took 5 years to complete filming.

All of the gory effects were created with practical effects.

The film suffered distribution problems for years after being completed.


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