Absurd (1981)


The movie Absurd (1981), also known as Rosso Sangue, is an Italian slasher film directed by Joe D’Amato. The plot follows a priest who nearly kills a man possessed by an evil force. However, the man survives and goes on a violent killing spree, targeting anyone who crosses his path.

In the movie Absurd (1981) the authorities and a doctor race against time to stop the man’s rampage before more innocent lives are lost.

The film’s relentless pace and atmospheric tension contribute to its reputation as a cult classic in the horror genre.


  • George Eastman as Mikos Stenopolis
  • Annie Belle as Emily Bench
  • Charles Borromel as Lt. Ben Engleman
  • Katya Berger as Katia Bennett


– Absurd (1981) is also known by its alternate titles, including Rosso Sangue, Anthropophagus 2, Monster Hunter, Horrible, and The Grim Reaper 2[2].

– The film was released as part of the “video nasty” wave in the United Kingdom, leading to its banning and subsequent notoriety[4].

– Absurd is often considered a spiritual sequel to Anthropophagus (1980), another film directed by Joe D’Amato and starring George Eastman[6].



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