Alison's Birthday (1981)


The movie Alison’s Birthday (1981) is an Australian horror film directed by Ian Coughlan. The story follows Alison, a teenage girl who finds herself the subject of a sinister ritual planned to take place on her 19th birthday. As the day approaches, Alison begins experiencing strange occurrences and nightmares, leading her to question her own sanity. As the truth about the ritual and her family’s dark secrets are revealed, Alison must confront the forces of evil that seek to control her and uncover the truth about her own identity.

The movie Alison’s Birthday (1981) delves into themes of occultism and family secrets. It combines elements of psychological horror and supernatural elements.


  • Joanne Samuel as Alison
  • Lou Brown as Aunt Peg
  • Bunney Brooke as Aunt Thelma
  • John Bluthal as Uncle Barney
  • Vincent Ball as Uncle Charlie
  • Rosalind Speirs as Maggie Carlyle
  • Robyn Gibbes as Helen McGill


  • The movie Alison’s Birthday (1981) was shot in Sydney and other locations in New South Wales, Australia, over three weeks in January and February 1979.
  • The film was released in Australia on December 26, 1981.
  • Alison’s Birthday combines elements of supernatural horror with psychological thriller elements, creating a unique and suspenseful viewing experience.



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