Alligator (1980)


The movie Alligator (1980) is an independent horror film directed by Lewis Teague and written by John Sayles. Set in Chicago, the film follows a police officer named David Madison, played by Robert Forster, and a reptile expert named Marisa Kendall, played by Robin Riker, as they track down an enormous, man-eating alligator that has been terrorizing the city.

The movie Alligator (1980) begins with a baby alligator being flushed down a toilet and surviving in the city’s sewers. Twelve years later, the alligator has grown to an enormous size due to its diet of discarded animal carcasses that were used in an illegal growth hormone experiment. The creature emerges from the sewers and starts attacking unsuspecting residents of Chicago.

Officer Madison and Marisa Kendall team up to stop the alligator’s rampage. They face skepticism from their colleagues and the media, but they are determined to bring down the monstrous reptile. With the help of a big-game hunter named Colonel Brock, played by Henry Silva, they devise a plan to capture or kill the alligator and restore peace to the city.

The movie Alligator (1980) combines elements of horror, suspense, and dark humor.


  • Robert Forster as Officer David Madison
  • Robin Riker as Marisa Kendall
  • Michael V. Gazzo as Chief Clark
  • Dean Jagger as Slade
  • Sydney Lassick as Mayor


  • Alligator (1980) was written by John Sayles, who is known for his work as a screenwriter and director in independent cinema.
  • The film was produced by Group 1 Films, a company founded by Brandon Chase, who was inspired by the success of Jaws (1975) and wanted to create a similar creature feature.
  • Alligator (1980) received positive reviews for its effective blend of horror and humor, as well as its social commentary on corporate greed and environmental issues.



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