Altered States (1980)


The movie Altered States (1980) is a science fiction body horror film directed by Ken Russell. It is based on the novel of the same name by playwright and screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky. The film follows the story of Dr. Edward Jessup, played by William Hurt, a Harvard scientist who becomes obsessed with exploring altered states of consciousness.

Dr. Jessup conducts experiments involving sensory deprivation and the use of psychoactive drugs to unlock the mysteries of the human mind. As he delves deeper into his research, he begins to experience strange and disturbing hallucinations. These hallucinations blur the line between reality and his own subconscious, leading him to question his own sanity.

The movie Altered States (1980) explores the consequences of Dr. Jessup’s experiments as he undergoes physical and psychological transformations. His obsession with pushing the boundaries of human consciousness strains his relationships with his wife, Emily, played by Blair Brown, and his colleagues.

The film delves into themes of identity, the nature of reality, and the limits of scientific exploration. .


  • William Hurt as Dr. Edward Jessup
  • Blair Brown as Emily Jessup
  • Bob Balaban as Arthur Rosenberg
  • Charles Haid as Mason Parrish
  • Thaao Penghlis as Eduardo Eccheverria


  • Altered States (1980) is based on the novel of the same name by Paddy Chayefsky.
  • The film explores the concept of altered states of consciousness and the potential consequences of exploring these states.
  • Director Ken Russell took up the project of adapting the novel after the first director quit due to creative differences with Chayefsky.



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