Anatomy (2000)


The movie Anatomy (2000) is a German horror thriller directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky. It stars Franka Potente as a medical student who discovers a secretive anatomy lab using cadavers for nefarious purposes.

Paula Henning wins a place at an elite Heidelberg medical school. During an anatomy class, she discovers the corpse they are dissecting is that of a man she met just days before. Paula begins investigating and learns of a secret society called The Anti-Hippocratic Society running a private anatomy lab. This secret lab provides cadavers by murdering people and using their bodies for research.

As Paula gets closer to the truth, the mysterious head of the society, Professor Grombek, takes an interest in her. He admires her anatomical skills and offers her a research position. She plays along, pretending to accept so she can access the secret lab. Inside, she is horrified to find corpses being tortured and experimented on while alive.

The movie Anatomy (2000) culminates in Paula and her friend fighting to shut down the anatomy lab and expose the research.


  • Franka Potente as Paula Henning
  • Benno Fürmann as Heinrich Meißner
  • Anna Loos as Gretchen
  • Sebastian Blomberg as Professor Grombek
  • Traugott Buhre as Professor Seifert


  • It was one of the most successful German films of 2000
  • The medical school depicted is entirely fictional
  • Director Stefan Ruzowitzky studied medicine before filmmaking
  • It inspired a sequel in 2003 titled Anatomy 2


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