Angst (1983)


The movie Angst (1983) follows a psychopath recently released from prison as he goes on a random murder spree targeting isolated homes.

After serving a murder sentence, the film opens with a serial killer being released from prison. He hitches a ride with a taxi driver and abruptly murders him with a knife. The killer then goes to a secluded villa and kills the wheelchair-bound homeowner.

The movie Angst (1983) shows the murderer’s twisted psychology via inner monologues as he arbitrarily selects his next victims. He settles on a isolated rural home owned by a woman with her two children. The psychopath terrifies the family before slaughtering them sadistically.

With police now pursuing him, the killer selects one final house in the woods, belonging to a married couple. He takes them hostage and debates his urge to murder them. Ultimately, the movie Angst (1983) climaxes with the police arriving, prompting the cornered psychopath to commit suicide by cop.

Through the killer’s inner thoughts, the movie provides insight into the mind of a cold-blooded murderer. His random selection of victims highlights the meaningless brutality of his crimes.


  • Erwin Leder as The Psychopath
  • Johanna Hofer as Taxi Driver’s Wife
  • Wolfgang Kieling as Herr Kasten
  • Rudolf Götz as Taxi Driver
  • Silvia Rabenreither as Woman with Children


The film is shot in real time with a running countdown clock on screen.

Director Gerald Kargl used avant-garde cinematography inspired by German Expressionism.

The killer was based on real-life Austrian serial murderer Werner Kniesek.


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