Baby Blood (1990)


The movie Baby Blood (1990) revolves around a pregnant woman under the control of a mysterious creature that makes her kill people and drink their blood.

Yanka, an escaped circus performer, is raped by a monster which impregnates her with its spawn. The evil creature then speaks telepathically, forcing the pregnant Yanka to drink human blood to nourish its growing embryo.

The movie Baby Blood (1990) follows Yanka as she resists her uncontrollable cravings, but starts gruesomely murdering people to drink their blood per the creature’s demands. Despite seeking help from a psychiatrist, Yanka remains under the command of the sinister force inside her.

As she nears giving birth, Yanka tries fleeing town but the creature compels her to cause more carnage. In the shocking finale, the monster is born when Yanka’s pregnant belly explodes during labor.


  • Emmanuelle Escourrou as Yanka
  • Christian Sinniger as The Creature (voice)
  • Jacques Penot as Dr. Lucas Aldo
  • Yves White as Bob
  • Laura Smet as La commerçante


It is based on the horror novel The It by Stephen Gallagher.

The French title is Le Tueur De L’Intérieur (Killer from Inside).

The violent film faced censorship in some countries.


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