Beyond Darkness (1990)


The movie Beyond Darkness (1990) follows a priest who commits exorcisms but becomes entangled with dark forces that plague his family.

Father Peter is a priest experienced in exorcisms who moves into an old house with his wife and two children. Soon his family members start exhibiting strange behavior linked to supernatural entities.

The movie Beyond Darkness (1990) shows Father Peter compelled to perform exorcisms on his own son and wife as dark spirits speak through them. However, the demons continue to return and haunt the house more aggressively than before.

As the evil presence grows stronger, it fully possesses Peter’s daughter Laura, causing her to levitate and speak in a demonic voice. Forced to act, Peter conducts an intense exorcism ritual that finally rids the malicious entity from Laura and the house.


  • David Brandon as Father Peter
  • Timothy Bottoms as Elliot
  • Virginia Mayo as Mother
  • Barbara Bingham as Laura
  • Caren Kaye as Jessica


It is also known by the alternate title La Casa 5 (House 5).

The film had a very small budget and limited theatrical release.

It was marketed as a sequel to Umberto Lenzi’s Ghosthouse movie.


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