Biohazard (1985)


The movie Biohazard (1985) is a science fiction horror film directed by Fred Olen Ray. The movie Biohazard (1985) follows a mutant monster that terrorizes a small town after being created as the result of a military bio-weapon experiment gone wrong.

In a secret government laboratory, a team of scientists develop an experimental virus meant to quickly spread disease. When a lab accident causes a test subject to mutate violently into a dangerous creature, it escapes into sewer tunnels below the facility. The crab-clawed monster makes its way into the sewers of a nearby town, attacking and killing citizens.

A local psychic named Bev puts together the clues pointing to the creature’s government experiment origins. She teams up with a retired agent named Gordon who once worked for the bio-weapons program.


  • Aldo Ray as Gordon
  • Angelique Pettyjohn as Beverly Hills
  • Cameron Mitchell as General Randolph
  • Terri Treas as Lynn Daniels
  • William Fair as Dr. Krug


The film’s budget was only $45,000.

Director Fred Olen Ray went on to make over 150 B-movies and exploitation films.

It was Angelique Pettyjohn’s final movie before her death shortly after filming.


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