Black Magic (1975)


The movie Black Magic (1975) is a Hong Kong horror film directed by Ho Meng Hua. It depicts the macabre exploits of an evil warlock who practices black magic.

In a forest, there is an evil magician named Shan Chien-mi who offers his services to anyone seeking vengeance on their enemy. In exchange for a great amount of gold, Shan Chien-mi will kill their enemy. However, Master Fu Yong, a kind magician, notices that Shan Chien-mi is doing something immoral and plans to destroy him.

Xu Nuo and his fiancée Chu-ying are deeply in love with each other and finally decide to get married. However, on the wedding day, Xu Nuo unexpectedly breaks up with his fiancée and starts a new relationship with a rich widow named Luo Yin.

Luo Yin has always been attracted to Xu Nuo, so she asks Shan Chien-mi to use the Tame Head of Love to make Xu Nuo unconsciously fall in love with her. Luo Yin’s goal is attained, but she is still not satisfied. She wants Xu Nuo’s former fiancée to die. Shan Chien-mi uses the Tame Head of Death to make Chu-ying suffer from an incurable disease.

Fortunately, a friend of Chu-ying’s asks Master Fu Yong for help. The magician successfully saves Chu-ying. Master Fu Yong finds Xu Nuo in the widow’s house and breaks the Tame Head of Love. After that, he fights with Shan Chien-mi and finally kills him and the widow.


  • Ti Lung as Ti Ming Chi
  • Lily Li as Chih-Ching
  • Ku Feng as Evil Warlock


The film was a major influence on Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films.


“After a sleazily and gruesome start, this macabre tale somehow loses a bit of momentum in the middle section, but, ortunately, it picks up speed towards the end in a spectacular but outrageous showdown.” [1]

“Black Magic is a fun black magic romp, but it’s hard not to think of later films that go so far over the top that you forget just where the top was in the aftermath. ” [2]

“Veteran Shaw Brothers helmer Ho Meng Hua started a popular horror trend with this gruesomely ambitious movie that is a little too big for its budgetary breeches; but therein lies its charms. ” [3]





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