Bless the Child (2000)


The movie Bless the Child (2000) is a supernatural psychological thriller directed by Chuck Russell. It stars Kim Basinger as a woman protecting her niece, a young girl with special powers who becomes targeted by a satanic cult.

Maggie O’Connor’s drug addicted sister Jenna suddenly abandons her newborn baby girl Cody outside Maggie’s apartment. Maggie takes Cody in and raises her as her own. As Cody grows up, she displays special psychic abilities and healing powers. At age 6, Cody is kidnapped by members of a satanic cult led by Eric Stark who believes Cody is a prophet sent from God.

Maggie teams up with FBI agent John Travis to try and find Cody. They soon discover the satanic cult has big plans for Cody as they believe she is “The New Messiah” with the power to heal disease. Maggie races to rescue Cody before the winter solstice when the cult plans to sacrifice Cody in a ritual to gain her powers.


  • Kim Basinger as Maggie O’Connor
  • Jimmy Smits as John Travis
  • Rufus Sewell as Eric Stark
  • Holliston Coleman as Cody O’Connor
  • Angela Bettis as Jenna O’Connor


  • The screenplay was featured on the 1995 Black List of best unproduced scripts
  • Christina Ricci turned down the role of Maggie O’Connor
  • Some scenes had to be cut down to avoid an R-rating
  • It received mixed reviews and underperformed at the box office


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