Blood Song (1982)


The movie Blood Song (1982) is a horror film directed by Robert Angus and Alan J. Levi. The story follows a psychopath who escapes from a mental institution and embarks on a murder spree. His path of terror leads him to target a young handicapped girl, who becomes the focus of his twisted obsession.

The movie Blood Song (1982) begins with the escape of a deranged psychopath from a mental institution. As he evades capture, he sets out on a killing spree, leaving a trail of brutal murders in his wake. The psychopath’s twisted mind fixates on a young handicapped girl, who becomes his primary target.

As the psychopath closes in on his victim, the young girl,with limited mobility, must outsmart her relentless pursuer and find a way to escape his clutches. The movie delves into the psychological terror and suspense as the girl fights for her life against a sadistic killer.


  • Donna Wilkes as Marion
  • Richard Jaeckel as Detective
  • Antoinette Bower as Mrs. Devereaux
  • Craig Clyde as Dr. Berrisford
  • Frank McDonald as Mr. Devereaux


  • The movie Blood Song (1982) is also known as “Dream Slayer”.
  • Blood Song received limited theatrical release and gained a cult following among fans of 1980s horror films.



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