Bloodmoon (1990)


Religious Sister Mary-Ellen keeps an eye over her charges at Saint Elizabeth’s, an elite Catholic girls’ school that has a chapel and boarding dormitories. Mrs. Sheffield was the newly arrived and appointed headmistress, and her husband commenced serving as the school’s science teacher. There is some conflict between the youth of Winchester School, a private school ‘for young men’, and the local youth. This first was an altercation at the nearby beach signed as ‘Coopers Beach’, and during the school dance when fire hoses were used. Young couples meet in the nearby forest, the school’s lovers’ lane.

One day, young people start to turn up dead under dramatic circumstances. These events began with sixteen-year-old Jackie and Winchester private boys school student Richard Hampton. At the school dance, a glam rock band plays while the students from the two schools fraternise. One couple goes into the nearby forest when the hint of the murderer appears, holding a circle of barbed wire. However, the arrival of polka-dot-dressed Gretchen with Winchester’s Stuart/Stewart disturbed both the first couple and the murderer. The murderer returns and dispatches Stuart.

On the Sunday Mrs Sheffield comes together in her bed with one of the Winchester students in the teacher’s residence, before her science teacher husband returns. He is aware of her ongoing infidelities, while she treats him with disdain. Mr Sheffield takes a knife to the yearbook photograph of a student, Mary. At a nearby waterfall and watering hole, Mary and Kevin share a kiss. Two students, Michelle and Jennifer, also enter the science classroom looking for the Monday examination paper, and chances on a bottle of fingers and eyeballs; a barb-wire garrote hanging on the cupboard door. Michelle is bashed by Sheffield, Jennifer slashing him with a knife. She escapes but falls down the stairs; where Sheffield dispatches her with the knife.

With his blood-soaked shirt, Sheffield sees Kevin return Mary to the school, Kevin and Mary then kissing. When the police officer attends, Sheffield pretends to call his wife to come to the building, but indicating she was feeling ill. He lamented missing Boston (the officer however noticing photographs in the room however show California vehicle number plates). Sheffield then cuts the outgoing telephone lines, calls Mary, and suggests he is passing on a message about Kevin, to meet ‘him in the woods at 9:00 p.m.’ beside the auditorium.

The police officer returns to the station and has a call put through to California, aware earlier that Sheffield was making a fake call. The officer has connected students murdered in California to the disappearance of Saint Elizabeth’s students. Separately a female student, Linda, makes a public payphone call to Kevin with a message from Mary, as required by Sheffield before he ceases Linda’s life. Mary heads off to the lovers’ lane in the rain Sunday night.

Myles Sheffield watched Mary leave, but Virginia Sheffield arrives to go out for dinner and belittles him; he also admits he has ‘done it again’. She leaves, and he goes to the science room to get the garrote when confronted in that room by the Sister. He then hits her. Meanwhile, Mary has arrived in the woods. A police officer finds the murdered schoolgirl in the telephone booth. Kevin arrives at the lovers’ lane, and Virginia Sheffield is packing her luggage. Virginia’s student lover returns to her bedroom; she tries to pack while he tries to cavort; she also protests and warns that ‘all the goblins are coming out tonight’.

The police officer interrupts the choir in the school chapel and attends the Sheffield residence to be reprimanded by Mrs. Sheffield for intruding. He fires a revolver shot to warn her to speak the truth. The officer then heads to the woods, as Myles Sheffield tries to garrote Kevin, and Mary tries to hit Sheffield with a stick. As Sheffield is strangling Mary and is about to use a knife, the police officer draws his firearm before being fatally stabbed in the chest by Sheffield. When Sheffield goes toward Mary, Sister Mary-Ellen advances and throws a bottle of liquid onto him, which drives him away before she slumps down. A blood-soaked Sheffield stumbles back to a residence of the local priest and takes a shotgun from a cabinet. With lightning around, he returns to his residence finding Virginia there. A shotgun is discharged, then again.


  • Leon Lissek
  • Christine Amor
  • Ian Williams



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