Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (1991)


The movie Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (1991) is a horror-comedy film directed by Dean Tschetter. The plot revolves around two cops, Joe Blocker (Joe Sharkey) and Sweeney Birdwell (Jake Dengel), and a detective’s daughter, Deedee Taylor (Susann Fletcher), who go after a chainsaw killer. The movie is set in Pittsburgh and features a cast that includes Veronica Hart, Beverly Penberthy, and Shawn Elliott.

Joe Blocker and Sweeney Birdwell are two cops who are investigating a series of murders in Pittsburgh. They are joined by Deedee Taylor, the daughter of one of their colleagues. Together, they discover that the murders are being committed by a chainsaw-wielding killer. As they try to track down the killer, they encounter a number of strange characters, including a group of vampires who are trying to take over the city.


  • Jake Dengel as Sweeney Birdwell
  • Joe Sharkey as Joe Blocker
  • Susann Fletcher as Deedee Taylor
  • Beverly Penberthy as Erma Birdwell
  • Veronica Hart as Grace
  • Shawn Elliott as Jackie Cairo
  • Pat Logan as Lober
  • Don Brockett as Police Chief ‘Buzz Saw’ Ryan
  • Michael Fairman as Medical Examiner (as Michael Eugene Fairman)
  • Robert Stoeckle as Gus Klimt
  • John S. Moyer as Unfortunate Boy in Car (as John Moyer)


The movie Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (1991) was filmed in the summer of 1988 but was not released until going direct-to-video in May of 1991. On some promotional material, director Dean Tschetter’s name is replaced by the familiar DGA pseudonym Alan Smithee to indicate his dissatisfaction with the final film1.


A review by IMDb describes the movie as “pretty average for the genre” [4]. A review by TV Guide describes the movie as “a twisted comedy/thriller” [8]. A review by Fangoria describes the movie as “an uneven assemblage of occasionally effective black humor and material that’s just over-the-top and silly” [3].


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