Bloodtide (1982)


The movie Bloodtide (1982) is a horror film directed by Richard Jefferies. The story follows a young couple, Neil and Sherry, who travel to a remote Greek island for a vacation. However, their peaceful getaway takes a dark turn when they discover that the island is plagued by a curse and a monstrous sea creature.

The movie Bloodtide (1982) centers around the couple’s struggle for survival as they encounter the wrath of the sea creature and the superstitious locals who believe in the curse. Neil and Sherry must find a way to escape the island and put an end to the creature’s reign of terror.

Bloodtide (1982) combines elements of creature horror and supernatural folklore.


  • James Earl Jones as Frye
  • Jose Ferrer as Nereus
  • Lila Kedrova as Sister Anna
  • Mary Louise Weller as Sherry Grice
  • Martin Kove as Neil Grice
  • Lydia Cornell as Vicki Grice


  • The movie Bloodtide (1982) was filmed on location in Greece.
  • The film features James Earl Jones in a rare horror role.
  • Bloodtide was released as Demon Island in some regions.
  • The film’s budget was approximately $2 million.



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