Bloody Birthday (1981)


The movie Bloody Birthday (1981) is a slasher film directed by Ed Hunt. The story revolves around three children, Debbie, Curtis, and Steven, who were all born during a solar eclipse in 1970. As their tenth birthday approaches, the children’s true nature is revealed – they are cold-blooded killers.

The movie begins in 1970, with the birth of the three children. However, instead of being a joyous occasion, their births coincide with a total eclipse of the sun, which seems to have a sinister effect on them. As they grow up, they develop a complete lack of empathy and a thirst for violence.

As the children reach their tenth birthday, they begin to carry out a series of brutal murders. Their targets include their own family members, classmates, and anyone who crosses their path. They use their innocent appearances to their advantage, making it difficult for anyone to suspect them.

A group of teenagers, including Joyce, Timmy, and Debbie’s older sister, Ginny, become aware of the children’s murderous activities and set out to stop them. They must confront the evil children and find a way to put an end to their reign of terror.

The movie Bloody Birthday (1981) explores the chilling concept of seemingly innocent children turning into ruthless killers.


  • Susan Strasberg as Miss Davis
  • José Ferrer as Doctor
  • Lori Lethin as Joyce
  • K.C. Martel as Timmy
  • Elizabeth Hoy as Debbie
  • Billy Jayne as Curtis
  • Andy Freeman as Steven
  • Julie Brown as Beverly


  • Bloody Birthday (1981) features a unique premise of children as the antagonists, which was relatively uncommon in the slasher genre at the time.
  • The film was shot in just 18 days on a limited budget.
  • Bloody Birthday gained a cult following over the years for its blend of horror and suspense, as well as its memorable child performances.



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