Bloody Moon (1981)


The movie Bloody Moon (1981) is a Spanish-German slasher film directed by Jesús Franco. The plot revolves around a series of brutal murders that occur at a language school in Spain [1]. The story follows a group of students who become the targets of a masked killer.

The movie begins with a prologue set five years prior, where a young man named Miguel is caught spying on his sister and her lover. The incident leads to a tragic accident that disfigures Miguel’s face. The movie then jumps to the present, where Miguel is released from a mental institution and returns to the language school, which is now run by his sister.

As the students arrive at the school, they are unaware of the danger that awaits them. In the movie Bloody Moon (1981), one by one they fall victim to the masked killer, who uses various weapons to carry out the murders.


  • Alexandra Bastedo as Inga
  • Nadja Gerganoff as Angela
  • Howard Vernon as Inspector Branco
  • Andrea Occhipinti as Miguel
  • Beatriz Elorrieta as Julia
  • Peter Martell as Dr. Dürer


  • Bloody Moon is also known as Die Säge des Todes in Germany [1].
  • The film was released in 1981 and gained a cult following among slasher film enthusiasts [1].
  • Jesús Franco, the director of Bloody Moon, is known for his work in the exploitation genre [1].



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