Body Parts (1991)


The movie Body Parts (1991) is a horror film directed by Eric Red and starring Jeff Fahey, Kim Delaney, Brad Dourif, Zakes Mokae, and Lindsay Duncan. The movie follows Bill Chrushank (Jeff Fahey), a psychologist working with convicted killers at a prison. While driving to work, Bill gets in a horrific car accident and loses an arm. At the hospital, Dr. Agatha Webb (Lindsay Duncan) convinces Bill’s wife to sign off on an experimental transplant surgery. Bill awakens from the surgery and begins to adjust to his new arm. After he is released from the hospital, he resumes his work and things seem to be back to normal. However, Bill starts seeing visions of horrible acts of murder (as if he is committing them) and occasionally loses control of his new arm. At the prison, a convict tells Bill that the tattoo on his new arm is only given to inmates on death row. Bill has a police friend scan his new fingerprints and is shocked to discover the arm came from executed convicted serial killer Charley Fletcher, who had murdered 20 people. Bill confronts Dr. Webb and finds the identities of two other patients: Mark Draper and Remo Lacey who received the killer’s legs and other arm, respectively. Bill visits Remo, who was a struggling artist before the transplant but now is making a small fortune selling paintings he made with his new arm. Noting Remo’s paintings depict the same visions he had, Bill tells him that he is painting what the killer saw. Remo, however, only cares about his newfound success and dismisses Bill’s warnings.

Bill meets Mark and tries to warn him but Mark is just happy to be able to walk again and advises Bill to be grateful and move on. Bill becomes increasingly agitated and violent. He demands that Dr. Webb remove his arm but she refuses, stating that the problems he is experiencing are insignificant compared to her experiment’s success.


  • Jeff Fahey as Bill Chrushank
  • Lindsay Duncan as Dr. Agatha Webb
  • Kim Delaney as Karen Chrushank
  • Zakes Mokae as Detective Sawchuck
  • Brad Dourif as Remo Lacey
  • John Walsh as Charley Fletcher
  • Paul Ben-Victor as Ray Kolberg
  • Peter Murnik as Mark Draper
  • Nathaniel Moreau as Bill Jr.
  • Sarah Campbell as Samantha
  • Andy Humphrey as Ricky
  • Lindsay Merrithew as Roger


The movie Body Parts (1991) was filmed in the summer of 1988 but was not released until going direct-to-video in May of 19911. The car crash sequence was cut back by almost 40 seconds2.


A review by Rotten Tomatoes describes the movie as “an unpleasant spectacle in every way” [1]. A review by Hollywood in Toto describes the movie as “a horror film that never lets its ambition get in the way of enjoyment” [3]. A review by Letterboxd describes the movie as “fun and macabre at the same time” [4].


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