Boogeyman II (1983)


The movie Boogeyman II (1983) centers on a young woman terrorized by the vengeful supernatural presence of her late husband.

Laura, her boyfriend Mark, and several friends stay at a secluded cabin where she previously lived with her abusive husband Henry. At night, the ghost of Henry begins attacking the group, jealous over Laura’s new lover.

The movie Boogeyman II (1983) follows Laura and Mark as they try to escape Henry’s murderous ghost. However, his sinister supernatural presence continues stalking them no matter where they flee. One by one, Laura helplessly watches as Henry sadistically kills their friends.

In the climax, Mark tries defending Laura during a final confrontation at the cabin. But the enraged Henry proves too powerful and gruesomely murders Mark. The movie ends with Laura left cowering and alone, still at the mercy of her dead husband’s malevolent ghost.


  • Suzanna Love as Laura
  • Ulli Lommel as Mark
  • John Carradine as Dr. Warren
  • Rhonda Aldrich as Jessica
  • George Gaffney as Hank


It was shot in rural California on an estimated budget of $45,000.

The director Ulli Lommel went on to make numerous other horror films.

It was marketed as a sequel but has no narrative connection to Boogeyman (1980).


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