Brain Dead (1990)


The movie Brain Dead (1990) is about a brilliant but unhinged neurosurgeon who begins extracting brains from patients in his asylum to experiment on.

Dr. Rex Martin is a renowned neurosurgeon who heads a psychiatric sanitarium where he performs lobotomies on patients. However, he secretly harbors ambitions of fully understanding the mysteries of the human brain.

The movie Brain Dead (1990) shows Dr. Martin beginning to remove intact brains from patients without authorization to use in bizarre experiments. As more patients die from the procedures, suspicions around the sanitarium rise.

Dr. Martin works feverishly on his experiments, driven by insane obsession. But the investigations close in, forcing him to go to extreme measures to protect his secret operation. In the end, the extent of Dr. Martin’s depraved designs is fully revealed.


  • Bill Pullman as Dr. Rex Martin
  • Bill Paxton as Jim Reston
  • George Kennedy as Dr. Alfred Moeller
  • Nicholas Pryor as Thomas McGahey
  • Jim Youngs as David Morton


It is also known as The Trepanator or Head Case in some releases.

The story was inspired by real-life rogue neurosurgeon Walter Freeman.

It was filmed on location in Mobile, Alabama.


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