Bruiser (2000)


The movie Bruiser (2000) is a French psychological horror film written and directed by George A. Romero. It follows a man named Henry who awakens to find his face has transformed into a blank white mask.

Henry Creedlow works at a men’s fashion magazine and is regularly bullied and exploited by his abrasive boss, spiteful wife, and superficial best friend. One morning he wakes up to discover his face is now a featureless white mask. He initially hides his condition with a gas mask.

Henry soon realizes his new face allows him to dissociate from his identity and commit acts of revenge against those who have wronged him without consequence. He brutally murders his friend, wife, and boss. Henry also develops telepathic powers, enabling him to hear people’s cruel thoughts about him.

The movie Bruiser (2000) ends with Henry deciding to abandon his revenge spree and old life completely. His masked face becomes a blank slate freeing him from past burdens.


  • Jason Flemyng as Henry Creedlow
  • Peter Stormare as Milo Styles
  • Leslie Hope as Janine Creedlow
  • Nina Garbiras as Taffy
  • Tom Atkins as Detective McClean


  • George A. Romero is best known for zombie films like Night of the Living Dead
  • The makeup effects were created by Screaming Mad George
  • It was filmed in Toronto, Ontario in Canada
  • The movie was released straight-to-video in many markets


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