Cannibal Terror (1980)


The movie Cannibal Terror (1980) is a Spanish-French horror film directed by Alain Deruelle. The story follows two bumbling criminals who kidnap a young girl and seek refuge in a remote jungle hideout. However, their plans go awry when they encounter a tribe of cannibals living in the area.

The movie Cannibal Terror (1980) delves into the gruesome and violent world of cannibalism as the criminals and their victim become trapped in a fight for survival. As the cannibals close in on them, the group must navigate the treacherous jungle and find a way to escape.

The film is known for its graphic and controversial scenes of violence, gore, and cannibalism. It explores the darkest depths of human nature and the lengths people will go to survive.


  • Silvia Solar as Maria
  • Gérard Lemaire as Manuel
  • Pamela Stanford as Diana
  • Antonio Mayans as Miguel


– The movie Cannibal Terror (1980) was made at the same time and on the same set as Jesús Franco’s film White Cannibal Queen[2].

– The film is infamous for its low production values and controversial content[1].

– Cannibal Terror (1980) is also known as “Terreur Cannibale”[1].



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