Cannibals in the Streets (1980)


The movie Cannibals in the Streets (1980), also known as Apocalypse domani, is a horror film directed by Antonio Margheriti. The story follows a Vietnam veteran named Norman Hopper who returns home to Atlanta, only to find that a virus has turned the city’s population into flesh-eating cannibals.

As the virus spreads, Hopper teams up with a small group of survivors to fight their way through the city and find a way to escape. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and dangers, including the cannibalistic hordes that roam the streets and a group of military personnel who are trying to contain the outbreak.

The movie Cannibals in the Streets (1980) is considered a classic example of the Italian cannibal film genre that gained popularity during the 1980s.


  • John Saxon as Norman Hopper
  • Elizabeth Turner as Jane
  • John Geroson as Woody
  • Lewis Gordon as Charlie
  • Wallace Wilkinson as Lt. Holmes


  • Cannibals in the Streets (1980) was released in Italy under the title Apocalypse domani.
  • The film was marketed as a sequel to the popular Italian cannibal film Cannibal Holocaust (1980), despite having no connection to the film.
  • The movie features a cameo appearance by Italian horror director Lucio Fulci.


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