Cat's Eye (1985)


The movie Cat’s Eye (1985) is an anthology horror film based on stories by Stephen King, linked together by a cat encountering perilous situations.

A stray cat named General is chased by a vicious junkyard dog and barely escapes onto a truck headed for New York. In the first story, General ends up at the house of a man quitting smoking whose wife plots to kill him.

The movie Cat’s Eye (1985) continues with General being caught by an evil troll that sends General to steal a little girl’s breath for it while she sleeps. General breaks the spell, saving her life.

In the final story, General enters the house of a man terrified of a supernatural creature stalking him while he sleeps. General manages to wound the small demon and save the man.

Linked by the misadventures of the clever cat General, the movie Cat’s Eye (1985) adapted several Stephen King tales into a horror anthology film.


  • Drew Barrymore as Amanda
  • James Woods as Quinn
  • Alan King as Dr. Vinny Donatti
  • Robert Hays as Johnny Norris
  • Candy Clark as Sally Ann Norris


Two of the stories were published in Stephen King’s Night Shift collection.

The film performed well at the box office.

General the cat was played by five different cats.


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