Cemetery of Terror (1985)


The movie Cemetery of Terror (1985) is a Mexican horror film directed by Rubén Galindo Jr. The movie Cemetery of Terror (1985) follows a group of young people who unwittingly become trapped inside an evil cemetery after dark.

The movie begins with a young couple being chased and murdered in a cemetery by sinister black-cloaked killers. Later, a group of friends having a gathering near the same cemetery get stranded there overnight when their cars mysteriously break down. Trapped inside the cemetery gates, they seek shelter in a crumbling mausoleum.

Inside the dark tombs, the friends start getting killed off one by one by supernatural forces.


  • Hugo Stiglitz as Devlon
  • Adriana Roel as Yvonne
  • Claudia Islas as Lucy
  • Sergio Kleiner as Aldos
  • Roberto Ávila as Lalo


It was shot on location at a real cemetery in Mexico City.

The cemetery caretaker’s wolf dogs were actual trained show dogs.

Director Rubén Galindo Jr. was known for horror and action films.


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