Cherry Falls (2000)


The movie Cherry Falls (2000) is a satirical slasher film directed by Geoffrey Wright and starring Brittany Murphy. It takes place in the small town of Cherry Falls, which is stunned when a serial killer begins targeting virginal teenagers.

High school student Jody Marken becomes the first victim, stabbed to death after leaving a party. More virgins are soon killed, causing panic in the town. Sheriff Brent Marken, Jody’s father, conducts the investigation alongside his daughter Kendall. They are assisted by FBI profiler Ken Shifflin who believes the killer is targeting virgins due to a pathological hatred of innocence.

The students in town decide to throw a huge party where many plan to lose their virginity in order to avoid becoming victims. However, the killer infiltrates the party and more murders occur. Kendall eventually deduces the killer’s identity – her own father Sheriff Marken. It’s revealed that the sheriff developed the virgin-targeting obsession after failing to stop Jody’s rape years ago.


  • Brittany Murphy as Kendall Marken
  • Michael Biehn as Sheriff Brent Marken
  • Jay Mohr as Deputy Dodd
  • Jesse Bradford as Jody Marken
  • Candy Clark as Peggy Marken


  • The film sat on the shelf for over a year before getting released
  • It was originally rated NC-17 and had to be cut for an R-rating
  • The high school is named after director Geoffrey Wright
  • Cherry Falls is a fictional town in Virginia


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