Children of the Corn (1984)


The movie Children of the Corn (1984) follows a cult of murderous child preachers in a remote Nebraska town who sacrifice adults to their corn demon god.

A young couple traveling through Nebraska come upon a seemingly abandoned rural town. They soon learn the town’s children killed all the adults under orders from Isaac, a child preacher who worships a demonic entity called He Who Walks Behind the Rows.

The movie Children of the Corn (1984) shows the children capture the visiting couple, intent on sacrificing them to their evil corn god. They are helped by Job and Sarah, two rebellious teens who no longer want to keep sacrificing adults.

The couple manages to escape captivity but Isaac resurrects a demonic force to stop them. In the climactic finale, they confront Isaac just as He Who Walks Behind the Rows attacks, leading to Isaac’s violent death.


  • Peter Horton as Burt
  • Linda Hamilton as Vicky
  • R.G. Armstrong as Diehl
  • Courtney Gains as Malachai
  • John Franklin as Isaac


It was based on a 1977 Stephen King short story published in Penthouse.

The movie was filmed entirely in Iowa.


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