Children of the Night (1991)


The movie Children of the Night (1991) is a horror film directed by Tony Randel and starring Karen Black, Peter DeLuise, Ami Dolenz, and Garrett Morris. The movie follows a schoolteacher named Mark Gardner (Peter DeLuise) who is asked for help by his old friend, a priest, in rescuing a girl from a town that has been overtaken by vampires. The movie was one of three low-budget films made in the early 1990s by Fangoria Films.

The movie Children of the Night (1991) begins with two childhood friends, Cindy Thompson (Maya McLaughlin) and Lucy Barrett (Ami Dolenz), deciding to symbolically cleanse themselves of the “dirt” of their small town by swimming laps in a flooded, abandoned church crypt. When the teenagers are swimming, an evil creature is revived and attacks Cindy. Later, in River Junction, Father Frank Alden (Evan MacKenzie) summons his friend and school teacher Mark Gardner (Peter DeLuise) and shows Cindy and Karen locked in a room turned into vampires. Father Alden asks Mark to travel to Allburg to find the source of vampirism. Mark arrives late night at Hillary’s house and he finds that Lucy is trapped in her room since her grandmother has also turned into a vampire. Soon Mark and Lucy learn that the locals of Allburg have turned into vampires by the ancient vampire Czakyr, who is thirsty for the virgin blood of Lucy, and the only chance to save the dwellers is destroying the powerful vampire.


  • Karen Black as Karen Thompson
  • Evan MacKenzie as Father Frank Aldin
  • Peter DeLuise as Mark Gardner
  • Ami Dolenz as Lucy Barrett
  • Maya McLaughlin as Cindy Thompson
  • David Sawyer as Czakyr
  • Garrett Morris as Matty
  • Shirley Spiegler Jacobs as Grandma
  • Josette DiCarlo as Officer Gates
  • Lloyd J. Kalicki as Billy
  • Daniel Arthur Wray as Doc Fisher


The movie Children of the Night (1991) was one of three films released by Fangoria Films in the early 1990s 1.


A review by IMDb describes the movie as “a funny vampire movie” [9]. A review by TV Tropes describes the movie as “atmospheric, funny, and exciting” [2]. A review by Moria describes the movie as having “some interesting ideas to update/revamp the vampire mythology” [3].


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