Christina's House (2000)


The movie Christina’s House (2000) is a supernatural horror film directed by Gavin Wilding. It follows a troubled young woman who returns to her childhood home with dark secrets.

Christina and her friend James travel to her old family home after the deaths of her parents. Christina begins experiencing disturbing visions and voices as suppressed memories resurface. It’s revealed that years ago, her father went insane and murdered her mother and seriously injured Christina.

The manifestation of Christina’s repressed trauma appears to take the form of a malevolent entity haunting the house. James grows increasingly concerned about Christina’s sanity as paranormal events intensify. In the end, the truth about what happened in the house comes to light in shocking fashion.

The movie Christina’s House (2000) culminates with Christina transforming into the ghostly entity, implying she murdered her parents as a child and created the haunting through her guilt.


  • Allison Lange as Christina
  • Brendan Fehr as James
  • Mike Dwyer as Sheriff Farley
  • Stacy Grant as Young Christina
  • Lee Holdridge as Mr. Kimball


  • Filmed on location in California
  • Directed by Gavin Wilding in his feature film debut
  • Premiered on the Syfy Channel
  • The original title was “What’s Wrong With Christina?”


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