Class Reunion (1982)


The movie Class Reunion (1982) is a black comedy film produced by National Lampoon. The story revolves around the 10th reunion of the graduating class of 1972 from Lizzie Borden High School. The film combines comedy and horror elements as the former classmates reunite and face a series of bizarre and deadly events.

Class Reunion (1982) follows the main character, Walter Baylor, who returns to the reunion with a vengeance. As the classmates gather, they find themselves targeted by a mysterious killer who is seeking revenge for a prank gone wrong during their high school years. The reunion quickly turns into a night of terror as the classmates are hunted down one by one.


  • Gerrit Graham as Gary Nash
  • Michael Lerner as Bob Spinnaker
  • Misty Rowe as Bunny Packard
  • Blackie Dammett as Walter Baylor
  • Michael Miller as Hubert Downs
  • Shelley Smith as Meredith Modess


  • The movie Class Reunion (1982) was produced by National Lampoon as the third film from the magazine.
  • The film was directed by Michael Miller and written by John Hughes.
  • Class Reunion was released as the second film, although it was filmed in 1981, after National Lampoon Goes To The Movies.
  • The film received mixed reviews upon its release and did not perform well at the box office.



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