Combat Shock (1984)


The movie Combat Shock (1984) is a gritty exploitation film about a Vietnam War veteran suffering from PTSD who descends into violence and madness in 1980s New York City.

Frankie was a soldier in the Vietnam War where he witnessed countless horrors. Now back in Staten Island with a pregnant wife and deformed baby, Frankie struggles with trauma, unemployment, and poverty.

The movie Combat Shock (1984) follows Frankie’s mental state deteriorating as urban decay and hopelessness surround him. His friends become junkies while his baby’s constant crying drives him insane. Frankie starts having flashbacks and murderous visions.

When his desperate wife finally commits suicide, the severely disturbed Frankie goes on a killing spree targeting drug dealers and gang members, before turning the gun on his mutated child. In the end, he shoots himself among the bodies.


  • Rick Giovinazzo as Frankie
  • Veronica Stork as Cathy
  • Mitch Maglio as Buddy
  • Asaph Livni as Mike
  • J.J. Clark as Lance


The film was originally titled American Nightmares.

It was shot on location around Staten Island for $30,000.

Director Buddy Giovinazzo also made the film No Way Home.


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