Contamination (1980)


The movie Contamination (1980), also known as Alien Contamination, Toxic Spawn, or Larvae, is a science fiction-horror film directed by Luigi Cozzi and starring Ian McCulloch. The film follows a New York police detective who discovers a shipment of large green eggs on a cargo boat transporting coffee beans. It is soon revealed that these eggs are part of an alien plot to take over Earth.

As the eggs release a gelatinous substance, anyone who comes into contact with it explodes. The detective, along with a government agent and a police detective, must track down the source of the eggs and stop the alien invasion before it’s too late. The movie Contamination (1980) combines elements of science fiction, horror, and action.

The film is known for its graphic and shocking scenes, including the explosive deaths caused by the alien eggs. It explores themes of extraterrestrial invasion and government conspiracy..


  • Ian McCulloch as Commander Ian Hubbard
  • Louise Marleau as Colonel Stella Holmes
  • Marino Masé as Lieutenant Tony Aris
  • Siegfried Rauch as Hamilton
  • Gisela Hahn as Mrs. Hubbard


  • The movie Contamination (1980) draws inspiration from Ridley Scott’s Alien, but it has its own unique and twisted plot.
  • The film features graphic and gory special effects, including the explosive deaths caused by the alien eggs.
  • Contamination (1980) is part of the Euro-trash spectaculars that were popular in the 1970s and early 1980s.



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