Creature (1985)


The movie Creature (1985) is a science fiction horror film directed by William Malone. Creature (1985) follows an alien creature that terrorizes an American crew aboard a space station. The crew must try to survive and destroy the deadly creature.

The movie begins with the launch of a space shuttle mission to Saturn. On board are a crew of five astronauts. During their journey, they receive a distress signal from a nearby science station. The crew investigates and finds the station damaged and all crew members missing or dead. It’s apparent they were attacked by an aggressive alien creature that snuck onboard.

The creature begins picking off members of the investigating crew one by one. They try to fight back against the fast, deadly extraterrestrial being. It is seemingly indestructible to their weapons. The surviving crew members come up with a desperate final plan to destroy the space station while escaping in the shuttle. The movie Creature (1985) climaxes with the alien creature being engulfed in the explosion as the space station goes up in flames.


  • Stan Ivar as Lt. Mike Davison
  • Wendy Schaal as Beth Sladen
  • Lyman Ward as Dr. Hanover Braun
  • Robert Jaffe as Frank Gordon
  • Diane Salinger as Sylvie Gordon


The movie was shot on a budget of only $1 million.

Director William Malone went on to direct horror films like House on Haunted Hill and Feardotcom.

The alien creature costume was made with parts from old wetsuits.


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