Day of the Dead (1985)


The movie Day of the Dead (1985) follows a group of scientists and soldiers taking refuge in an underground bunker during the zombie apocalypse.

As the zombie epidemic overruns America, a group of military men, scientists and civilians take shelter in an underground Army base. Tensions rise between soldiers led by Capt. Rhodes and scientists trying to domesticate the undead.

The movie Day of the Dead (1985) shows the scientists using zombie test subjects to find a cure and train the zombies. However, Rhodes loses patience and takes violent control of the base.

When the zombies break into the facility, the humans turn against each other in bloody conflict. As the complex is overrun, only a few manage to escape above ground where the zombie threat remains.

As the third film in George Romero’s iconic Dead series, the movie Day of the Dead (1985) continued the saga.


  • Lori Cardille as Sarah
  • Terry Alexander as John
  • Joseph Pilato as Capt. Rhodes
  • Jarlath Conroy as Bill
  • Antone DiLeo Jr. as Miguel


Director George A. Romero originally planned it as an epic but the budget was cut.

It was filmed primarily in an abandoned mine outside Pittsburgh.

The opening sequence showed stock footage of various city locations.


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