Deadly Manor (1990)


The movie Deadly Manor (1990) follows a group of friends who seek shelter in a mysterious house during a storm, only to be stalked by a murderous psycho.

When a storm forces a school bus off the road, several students take refuge in a nearby secluded mansion. However, a crazed family living within soon begins hunting them for sport.

The movie Deadly Manor (1990) shows the deranged hillbilly clan gruesomely killing several of the students one by one as they struggle to escape the fortress-like house. Their sadistic hunting game brings horrific death in various brutal ways.

The remaining students including Bonnie and Paulie attempt fighting back and turning the table on their pursuers. In the intense cat-and-mouse showdown, the friends manage to eliminate the murderous backwoods family.


  • Greg Rhodes as Paulie
  • Adrianna Miles as Bonnie
  • Clark Tuft as Cyrus
  • Chuck Niles as Lester
  • Shellie Block as Ruby


It is also known under the alternate title Savage Intruder.

The very low budget film was shot in under a month.

Director Clark Tuft never made another movie.


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